New Resource Provider Forum Chairs Elected

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The U.S. National Science Foundation’s ACCESS program provides a number of cyberinfrastructure resources for researchers, each managed and maintained by the diligent efforts of the Resource Providers (RP). RPs provide much more than just access to their compute hardware – time, expertise and support are also part of the package. ACCESS wouldn’t exist without the collaborative efforts of the RPs.

The Resource Provider Forum (RP Forum) works to facilitate the ecosystem of cyberinfrastructure resources, making it easier for researchers to connect to the variety of resources they may need to complete their work. The RP forum specifically provides an open forum for the discussion of topics of interest to the RP community as well as a formal communication channel between the RP Forum members and the ACCESS project.

The RP Forum recently held its second annual Chair election, and this year, two exceptional candidates were elected to head up this group: Jeremy Fischer from Indiana University as RP Forum Chair and Nicole Wolter from San Diego Supercomputing Center (SDSC) as RP-Forum Co-chair.

Jeremy Fischer leads the Research Cloud Infrastructure team for Indiana University’s Research Technologies division. He oversees operations for NSF’s Jetstream2 research and education cloud, where he is a co-principal investigator. Past accomplishments include working on the first Jetstream cloud as the education, outreach and training lead and serving as a Unix system administrator for infrastructure services.

Nicole Wolter is a computational and data science research specialist in the High-Performance Computing User Services Group at SDSC. She currently manages accounts and allocations and provides education and outreach for the HPC systems at SDSC. She’s also a co-principle investigator for the NSF-funded COMPLECS training program.

I am excited for the opportunity to continue to work with the Resource Providers to contribute to the national CI  and user community of ACCESS.

–Nicole Wolter, ACCESS RP Forum co-Chair

Join ACCESS in welcoming both Wolter and Fischer to their new roles.

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